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Economic Advantages

  • All examinations during the routine 12-channel-ECG
  • No additional staff, examination time 3 minutes
  • No additional time or expenditure
  • Replaces numerous different devices, such as total body DXA, devices for pulse wave velocity, ancle brachial index and impedance spectroscopy for a total of more than 100.000 Euro




Medical Advantages

The physician obtains simultaneously with the 12-channel-routine-ECG on a single page data about the mechanical heart function, about the function of the big vessels, fluid balance, localized edema (such as lymphatic edema or thrombosis) and about body composition including the muscle mass.

He is alerted about possible additional dysfunctions which were not the focus of the original interest:

  • Detection of heart failure
  • Estimation of BNP
  • Sarcopenia-grading
  • Aortic stiffness
  • Measurement of total body water and extracellular volume
  • Trend graphics of all parameters over months and years
  • For the scientist: raw data, including segmental impedance spectroscopy and segmental rheography data, may be exported via Excel



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